In The Studio

Debbie has worked with many talented producers in the studio. Among them: John Merchant (Bee Gees, Mika), Joel Someillan (Dora the Explorer, Madagascar Live, Bobby Lee Rodgers), Brendan O’Brien (Aerosmith, My Chemical Romance, Bruce springsteen, Matthew Sweet,Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam ), Steve Walsh & Phil Ehart (Kansas), Jack Shawde (Diane Ward, Magda Hiller, The Three Jacks, Jim Wurster), Looch Delgado & Evangelos Koutsouradis (MBRS).

She is an on-call bassist at Miami Beach Recording Studios.


Six (Diane Ward) – Release date June 15th, 2019

Beautiful Ways (Diane Ward) On sale at iTunes

BLR (Bobby Lee Rogers) On Sale at Website

Wonderlight (Diane Ward) On sale at iTunes

The Devile Inside
The Devil Inside (Brother Lou) On sale at iTunes

Icing on the Cake
Icing on the Cake (Magda Hiller) – bass on two tracksOn sale at iTunes

Look Out For Number 6
Looking Out For Number 6 (Chris Harford) – co-writer “Teach Me” On Sale at Amazon

The Great Impossible
The Great Impossible (Diane Ward) – bass on “Won’t Step Down”, trumpet on “Clumsy”, melodica on “You”
On sale at iTunes

The Blue Module
The Blue Module (Sixo) – bass and backing vocals

Wait & See
Wait & See (Sixo) – bass and backing vocals

Stir Fried World
Stir Fried World (Brian Franklin) – bass all tracks except “Bad Bad Day” and “Just Sleep Instead”On sale at iTunes

GrooveyAcidBoogiePop (The Robbie Gennet Band) – bass and backing vocals all tracks

The Dream
The Dream (The Robbie Gennet Band) – bass and backing vocals all tracks

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